Why Should You Join Choir Competitions

After countless rehearsals and performances, your choir has developed the skills and musicality to venture further than the four corners of your music hall. You might think it is high time to show to the world what your choir is the best. The fastest way to gain this recognition is joining a competition.

Participating in a competition is more than just singing your hearts out. It involves strength of character and commitment. One does not participate in a contest only to beat the others and prove to be the best. Instead, it is a way to come and pursue excellence together.

It is interesting to know the word “compete” came from the Latin word competere which means “to seek together.” The word itself does not mean to beat each other but to seek together. With this in mind, joining a completion would have a deeper meaning.

The choir members should see the other choir members, not just an opponent, but a partner in the quest for excellence. Everyone in the competition has one goal, and that is to win. But if you think of it in a different light, the path to achieving that dream made it all worth it. All those rehearsals and vocal coaching are the real prizes to joining a competition. The trophy is just the icing on top. Becoming an electrician can be a great carrier choice.

Some choirs are also afraid to join competitions because of the fear of losing their good reputation. They think … Read the rest

How To Plan Your Choir Rehearsal For Success

The success or the downfall of a choir relies on the quality of their rehearsals. You need a practice your discipline and organization skills to pull off a successful practice. As in all endeavor, planning is crucial.

There are several factors to consider to make your rehearsals productive no matter how much time you spend. Here are some of them.

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The Choir Director

Yes, it starts with you. The choir members rely on your direction and leadership, so you need to make sure that you prepare yourself first. Nobody is expecting you to know all there is to know about music but make sure you are ready musically to be able to impart the lesson to your members. It would be frustrating for the choir members to see their director unprepared to answer their questions about the music.

Keep yourself updated. Keep learning and improving yourself. The more you learn, the more you can teach your members.

You also need to up your planning skills. You can start this with your selected music. Study it well and prepare notes. There are many impromptu things that can happen during the practice that you may tend to forget a point you want to highlight. Having your cue card can keep you on track.

The Choir Members

Your choir members are the most important part of your rehearsal. They don’t come with the same personalities and abilities that it why it is important to get to know them individually. You will find it … Read the rest

Attention Choir Group

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Non-music Related Things To Prepare For Your Choir Rehearsal


It is not surprising to forget things that you need to prepare for your choir rehearsal. Although a choir director is expected to be organized and on top of things, there is still a chance to overlook some details, even if you think that you’ve prepared well enough.

My experience as a new choir leader in my hometown, Denver, is an excellent example. I arranged everything the week before our rehearsal. I laid down the songs, assigned choir members who will perform the solo parts, and even allotted budget for refreshments. The rehearsal was perfect in my head. I thought it was all good.

Unfortunately, I failed to inspect the practice hall that we rented thoroughly. I was there during the ocular inspection and signing of the lease contract. I even arranged the furniture and did a bit of clean up. I thought I had done enough, but during the rehearsal day, I was startled by the shriek of our choir members. It definitely did not sound like vocalization to me.

When I inspected the commotion, there were roaches under the sink in our pantry. I know this is not the usual job of a choir leader, but that mindset caused me to overlook this small, yet important detail. We planned to have snacks after our rehearsals, but we cannot bear the thought of roaches in the pantry.

Fortunately, we found a pest control service that can do the job that same day. We got all the information … Read the rest

Microphone for Choir – Is It Actually Worth It ?

We usually do not use microphones in our choir performances. However, we were thinking of doing an upgrade in time for our Annual Choir Concert. We were fine without the microphones, but we realized that having a little bit of amplification will not hurt especially now that there is an expansion project in our Atlanta auditorium.

We started our research on the proper microphone to use and prepare for the electrical requirements for the additional setup that might be required. We did not want to fuss too much about something that we are not very familiar with. So it was fortunate that we did not have to look elsewhere because the parent of one of our choir member is working for a commercial & industrial wiring installation company. He helped us with the electrical planning, and we hired them to do the electrical wiring job for the auditorium. Their service was quick and very professional. If you are in Atlanta, we highly recommend their services.

The next thing we shopped for was a stereo condenser microphone. It was a great buy because it is like getting two mics in one. The two microphones are encased in one mic making setting up easy. This microphone has a good XY pattern and the sound produced will not alter the actual sound of the choir. We also bought an extra mono condenser microphones to supplement when we have outdoor performances. Although we have a lot of microphones, we understand the less … Read the rest