How To Plan Your Choir Rehearsal For Success

The success or the downfall of a choir relies on the quality of their rehearsals. You need a practice your discipline and organization skills to pull off a successful practice. As in all endeavor, planning is crucial.

There are several factors to consider to make your rehearsals productive no matter how much time you spend. Here are some of them.

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The Choir Director

Yes, it starts with you. The choir members rely on your direction and leadership, so you need to make sure that you prepare yourself first. Nobody is expecting you to know all there is to know about music but make sure you are ready musically to be able to impart the lesson to your members. It would be frustrating for the choir members to see their director unprepared to answer their questions about the music.

Keep yourself updated. Keep learning and improving yourself. The more you learn, the more you can teach your members.

You also need to up your planning skills. You can start this with your selected music. Study it well and prepare notes. There are many impromptu things that can happen during the practice that you may tend to forget a point you want to highlight. Having your cue card can keep you on track.

The Choir Members

Your choir members are the most important part of your rehearsal. They don’t come with the same personalities and abilities that it why it is important to get to know them individually. You will find it … Read the rest