Microphone for Choir – Is It Actually Worth It ?

We usually do not use microphones in our choir performances. However, we were thinking of doing an upgrade in time for our Annual Choir Concert. We were fine without the microphones, but we realized that having a little bit of amplification will not hurt especially now that there is an expansion project in our Atlanta auditorium.

We started our research on the proper microphone to use and prepare for the electrical requirements for the additional setup that might be required. We did not want to fuss too much about something that we are not very familiar with. So it was fortunate that we did not have to look elsewhere because the parent of one of our choir member is working for a commercial & industrial wiring installation company. He helped us with the electrical planning, and we hired them to do the electrical wiring job for the auditorium. Their service was quick and very professional. If you are in Atlanta, we highly recommend their services.

The next thing we shopped for was a stereo condenser microphone. It was a great buy because it is like getting two mics in one. The two microphones are encased in one mic making setting up easy. This microphone has a good XY pattern and the sound produced will not alter the actual sound of the choir. We also bought an extra mono condenser microphones to supplement when we have outdoor performances. Although we have a lot of microphones, we understand the less … Read the rest