Attention Choir Group

Hey, guys! So this was the best way to reach everyone, given that I know everyone checks the website at every few days, just in case though notify everyone about this message!

Unfortunate news! The cabin we were supposed to go to next weekend is being treated for termites, yikes! So we’ll have to cancel out group trip to the lake for now, but we have spoken with the Pest control company Kalamazoo, and we were told that it should be good to occupy the following week. To make up for the delay though, we will be going out for dinner after our next choir practice, so notify whoever you have to notify and open up your schedule for that night. And don’t worry it’s our treat! Just a little reward for all the effort you guys gave this last few months! We want to thank  for helping us to raise money for our choir group.

Before I forget, since we rescheduled for the week after on that trip to the lake, please remember to notify your guardians about it. We wouldn’t like to cause some inconveniences if they have plans or anything. Also, forward the link to this article to whoever you think might miss it, our next meeting wouldn’t be too late to notify them, but it would inconvenience them though.… Read the rest