Non-music Related Things To Prepare For Your Choir Rehearsal


It is not surprising to forget things that you need to prepare for your choir rehearsal. Although a choir director is expected to be organized and on top of things, there is still a chance to overlook some details, even if you think that you’ve prepared well enough.

My experience as a new choir leader in my hometown, Denver, is an excellent example. I arranged everything the week before our rehearsal. I laid down the songs, assigned choir members who will perform the solo parts, and even allotted budget for refreshments. The rehearsal was perfect in my head. I thought it was all good.

Unfortunately, I failed to inspect the practice hall that we rented thoroughly. I was there during the ocular inspection and signing of the lease contract. I even arranged the furniture and did a bit of clean up. I thought I had done enough, but during the rehearsal day, I was startled by the shriek of our choir members. It definitely did not sound like vocalization to me.

When I inspected the commotion, there were roaches under the sink in our pantry. I know this is not the usual job of a choir leader, but that mindset caused me to overlook this small, yet important detail. We planned to have snacks after our rehearsals, but we cannot bear the thought of roaches in the pantry.

Fortunately, we found a pest control service that can do the job that same day. We got all the information we were looking for and submitted our appointment request on their website. We had to cancel our rehearsal that day to make way for pest control activities. Problem solved, but I wish I did it much earlier so we wouldn’t have lost a day of rehearsal.

It is just one of the things to remember when you plan for your choir rehearsal. We often focus on the music that we tend to forget the other things that can help us have a productive rehearsal.

Here are other things that you should consider when you plan your choir rehearsal:

Mind The Time

Always start and end your rehearsal on time. To do this, you need to be organized and manage unnecessary activities, such as excessive chatter, during the rehearsal

Prepare The Practice Venue

In addition to the example I narrated, you need to mind the small things, too. Arrange the chairs ahead of time and list down your song line-up on the board. Make sure that you have a place to store your sheet music to avoid losing them.

Have A Seating Plan

Did you notice that changing seating arrangement during practice consumes at least 10 minutes of your precious rehearsal time? To avoid this, plan the seating arrangement ahead of time. You can put name tags on the chairs or post the seating plan near the door so that the choir members know where to sit as soon as they arrive in the practice hall.

Check The Attendance

While being a member of a choir is purely voluntary work, it would be good to keep an attendance or sign-up list to know if there are members who are having difficulties attending the rehearsals. It will allow you to talk to these members in your choir to address their concerns.