Why Should You Join Choir Competitions

After countless rehearsals and performances, your choir has developed the skills and musicality to venture further than the four corners of your music hall. You might think it is high time to show to the world what your choir is the best. The fastest way to gain this recognition is joining a competition.

Participating in a competition is more than just singing your hearts out. It involves strength of character and commitment. One does not participate in a contest only to beat the others and prove to be the best. Instead, it is a way to come and pursue excellence together.

It is interesting to know the word “compete” came from the Latin word competere which means “to seek together.” The word itself does not mean to beat each other but to seek together. With this in mind, joining a completion would have a deeper meaning.

The choir members should see the other choir members, not just an opponent, but a partner in the quest for excellence. Everyone in the competition has one goal, and that is to win. But if you think of it in a different light, the path to achieving that dream made it all worth it. All those rehearsals and vocal coaching are the real prizes to joining a competition. The trophy is just the icing on top. Becoming an electrician can be a great carrier choice.

Some choirs are also afraid to join competitions because of the fear of losing their good reputation. They think that it is better to keep the status quo than suffering the pain of defeat. As a mentor, you should be the first one to see that while joining competitions can pose a risk, it also builds character. Accepting one’s defeat is a very hard skill to learn, but it is vital. It applies to all facets of one’s life. We should not shield people from instances the exposes them to difficulties. In fact, it should be embraced because that could be a shining moment once conquered.

The other side of the coin is winning. It is the goal of each choir joining competitions. It is a moment that your choir will receive recognition and validation of the things they learned. Aside from that, they will serve as an inspiration to other choirs to do their best.

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You also do not need to be a contestant to appreciate competition. Merely watching a choir competition with your choir is enough to be inspired. Seeing the awesome performances will let them see the potential that they have. They will grow larger aspirations and commit to making themselves even better.

Joining competitions is not the sole decision of the director. It is important to get the cooperation of each member because the behind the scenes work is a significant commitment. Everyone in the choir should have the time and the readiness to rise to the challenge. You need to get the agreement of your choir members each competition before you sign-up for it.

Your choir doesn’t have to join an international competition right away. There are a lot of local competitions in your area that you can try out. Watching a chorale competition can help your choir get a taste of how it is to join contests. The experience your choir gains in participating is already an excellent training ground for larger things to come.